The best things in life
Aren't things.

I believe the best things in life are the pauses. The pauses we take to gather together for a meal with people we love and like. The pauses we take to visit a place we've never been before. The pauses we take to learn something new or give back or watch a cat video on the Internet.

Those pauses — long or short — are where life actually lives.

This is me in a very rare selfie. (It took me, like, 42 tries.)

This is me in a very rare selfie. (It took me, like, 42 tries.)


About Worthy Pause

Worthy Pause is a food, travel and other-things blog by Annie D'Souza — that's me.

In my Minneapolis kitchen, I lean heavily toward real ingredients and global flavors. Between my husband and I and our very large Indian-Filipino-Iranian family, we definitely eat well.

I was very into the paleo game for a while and still cook that way at home most of the time, so lot of the recipes on this blog are paleo, gluten-free, low-carb and Whole30-friendly. There are even a bunch of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Overall, you'll find a lot of easy plant and animal-based recipes here and plenty of helpful resources about that way of eating, but I try my best to avoid the nutritional dogma of it all. Just eat what makes you feel good (I do... sometimes that's sweet potato noodles and sometimes that's croissants and sometimes that's chips and the cheesiest chicken chili dip).

In addition to food, I also share travel adventures (the ones that inspire all these kitchen adventures!), attempts at wellness, political rants and other pause-worthy moments here too.

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P.S. Of all the recipes on the website, I make this one and this one most often. 


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