Year in Review Exercise (Printable)

Year in Review Exercise via Worthy Pause

In my sort of half-assed quest to build and maintain a simpler, better wardrobe, I came across a fantastic website a few years ago from Berlin-based writer Anuschka Rees. I don't follow a lot of style blogs, but I've read her whole site cover-to-cover. I especially love all of her practical workbooks and worksheets, because I am still an over-achieving 4th grader on the inside.

There's one particular printable workbook in her arsenal that doesn't have anything to do with clothing at all. It's called Your Year in Review, and includes 50 questions to help you deal with 2016 and get excited for 2017.

I don't often make resolutions at New Year's, but this worksheet exercise was a much-needed pause for gratitude and reflection. 

Despite 2016 being a dumpster fire of a year that has shaken my faith in humanity, I have a lot of people and moments to be thankful for. And despite the fact that the dumpster fire will continue burning in 2017, it won't ruin everything... right?