Checking Just One Thing Off The List + Coffee Giveaway! [Sponsored By So Good So You]

Coffee So Good Cashew Coffee via Worthy Pause

I like to make lists.

Just ask Wunderlist, Google Sheets and my actual notebook. They will tell you exactly how intense I can be about lists.

I have well-seasoned systems for daily planning, to-do lists, meal planning/grocery lists, idea lists... I have so many of them it's absurd. I even keep a list of karaoke songs yet to be sung (the ones I secretly think will get me discovered by a record producer who happens to hang out my neighborhood dive bar).

With the addition of gift lists, what-to-bring-to-which-holiday-party lists, how-to-wrap-2017-up-at-work lists, etc., the holiday season is this list-makers nightmare. Even my most productive list systems tend to break down while distracted by the million additional things that pop up at this time of year.

Luckily, Minneapolis-based So Good So You was kind enough to send over a big, beautiful box of coffee samples at exactly the moment I needed them—in time for the holiday rollercoaster.

I had been familiar with the company's juices for a while, but was excited to try the caffeinated beverages. Occasionally I do the whole bulletproof coffee thing, but 95% of mornings I am drinking cold brew (even through Minnesota winters) so this line of drinks (and the fact that they offer subscription service) is right up my alley. 

Coffee So Good products all start with cold brew coffee, cashew milk, agave nectar, vanilla and sea salt. The ingredient lists are tiny, which is a great thing. From there, they play around with typical coffeeshop flavors in their Vanilla Nutté and Cashew Mocha some more fun ones like Cashew Chai and Lavender Nutté. The classic Cashew Coffee might feel like a pretty boring choice next to lavender, but it was totally my favorite of the bunch.

The best thing about this delivery was that, for a couple of weeks, So Good So You helped me quickly check off the first thing that's on my to-list every morning: put coffee into mouth.


If you want to try these brews yourself, I'm giving away a 6-pack sampler of So Good So You to one Worthy Pause reader and fellow list-maker.

To enter to win:

1. Leave a comment below with your morning coffee ritual and/or the strangest list that you have ever kept.

2. Follow me on Instagram at @worthypause and/or on Facebook here.

Entries will be accepted until December 20 at noon CST.

Thanks a million to So Good So You for supporting Worthy Pause. I only work with companies and brands that I genuinely like, and these partnerships help keep the lights on.