Society6 saves the day


Even though the rest of our house is kind of a mess of mismatched furniture and entire rooms (hello, office) that are currently being used as catch-all storage spaces, our bedroom has been simple and comfortable since we moved in.

By some impossibility, we haven't let that room become cluttered. I wanted to keep that same uncluttered approach with the decor, so rather than creating a gallery wall (the original plan) I settled on one large piece of artwork above the bed. But original art is expensive, especially when you're talking big art.

So, instead of spending a whole paycheck, I combed Society6 for prints and discovered Kevin Russ. He's a photographer who mainly uses his iPhone (WHAT.) and takes the most gorgeous wildlife photos that have a bit of a haunted quality to them. I chose "Winter Horses" above for the bedroom. Last weekend we popped that big, snowy 28x20 print into a white IKEA Ribba frame and we were in business for under $75.

Be warned that the finished product is lovely, but working with a giant IKEA frame is a nightmare. It took up hours of my life.

I also bought his "Street Walker" print (above) for the office, but haven't yet worked up the courage to put it in its own IKEA frame.