The Headspace App Reminds You to Breathe

On a whim earlier this year, I downloaded a meditation app called Headspace.

A meditation app might seem like an oxymoron (I'm particularly anxious in part because I always have screens in front of my face). However, this app is really handy and I ended up purchasing a year-long subscription. Which I never do because I am notoriously cheap about things like this.

The main reason I started meditation is for sleep. Normally, my head hits the pillow and that's the exact moment when my brain decides to spiral into a tornado of to-do lists and ideas and anxiety about big things (i.e. our government) and tiny things (i.e. if I'm out of cumin and/or clean underwear). Sometimes it takes me over an hour just to shush my mind before I can go to sleep. 

Andy is the meditation guide on Headspace, and he and his cheeky, animated friends help me sleep better and stay calmer. It's not like magic zzZzzzZzzz's every time. In fact, there's this one part in the sleep exercises where he says to run through your day in your mind from the time you woke up until the present moment, and I'm always like, "GOOD GRIEF, ANDY. I'm trying to do the opposite of think-about-my-day right now!" That part occasionally backfires and triggers the tornado of to-do lists.

Other times I get through that little exercise just fine. If I do, the next two parts of the meditation are very calming. I sometimes fall asleep before the 10 minutes are even up. And those times have me hooked.

If you want to try Headspace, use the code MINDFUL for three free months on a year-long subscription.

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post or anything. I just like the app.

ladybug photo by Ryan McGuire