No-Frills Kale Salad and Other Salad Secrets

I will now deliver my secret formula for green salads.
The equation becomes tastier still with the addition of CURED MEAT (and/or CHEESE), but I didn't have either of those at the time.
For some strange reason, I've never made a kale salad before this, even though I order them whenever they are on the menu (Pizzeria Lola makes a great one). At the grocery store, I always think, "Oh, a kale salad will be good. I'll get this kale." And then days later it's looking kind of sad and I turn it into kale chips instead.
Anyway, trying to break that kale cycle with a copycat recipe of the kale salad at Kowalski's. I learned that it's way overpriced last week when I bought some at the deli to bring to a friend's place for dinner. However, it was good enough that I was craving it again and decided to recreate it at home.
This salad is no-frills, even though that's impossible (Get it? Because kale is always frilly. Unless it's not the frilly kind.).

No-Frills Kale Salad 

Paleo, Whole30, Raw, Vegetarian and Vegan—you're welcome, everyone.
  • Kale, washed, chopped and massaged
  • Pine nuts (or other nuts)
  • Dried fruit (I used a medley from TJ's that has cranberries, golden raisins and regular raisins)


Dressing (this is how I dress almost all my green salads, actually):
  • Drizzle of olive oil
  • Squeeze of lemon
  • Sea salt
  • Cracked pepper