Paleo Curry Tuna Salad

I broke the mold with this one, kiddos.

I made my paleo curry chicken salad with TUNA... because, lazy. And because my fiance had the brilliant idea to buy all the tuna at Costco and that's what we have to eat from now until death do us part. Death from mercury poisoning, probably.

And speaking of death-do-us-part, I have a lot going on the next two months to get ready for our wedding in May. So soon! My fella and I are also moving apartments this week... so there may be a bit of radio silence on Worthy Pause until the dust settles. In case you're holding your breath waiting for the next post or something. Highly likely, I know.

Anyhoo, back to the salad. Here's the original recipe for the Crazy-Good Curry Chicken Salad and all you have to do is sub tuna for chicken and grapes for dried fruit. I like to eat it with lemony greens, cucumber and crunchy radishes.

The End.